Passion for Ecommerce Automation

William’s Story

Razoyo was founded on the idea that successful integration on an ecommerce website can determine whether your business succeeds or fails. That’s why we made it the core of our company. As developers, we make systems work together, ensuring that your customers have a great experience and that you stay ahead of the game.

Our chief technology officer, William Byrne, recognized the impact of great integration while he was still in college. He was making money on eBay by selling RV vehicles and drop-shipping them to buyers, directly from the manufacturer. But he quickly grew weary of the tedious process of listing a large volume of products, continually updating listings, and copying and pasting order information into vendor websites. That busywork was getting in the way of homework, and he knew there had to be a better way.

When William learned that eBay had something called an API (application programming interface), he was intrigued. In the beginning, he knew little about programming but after a few months of digging into tutorials on PHP, he’d solved his problem. He had developed an operating product and order management system that handled the drudgery of ecommerce, giving him the time to focus on developing his business, and getting good grades.

A decade later, he is a well-respected contributor to ecommerce open source systems and  loves the challenge of helping complex systems to communicate with each other so our clients can stop worrying about technology and devote their energy into growing their business.

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