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Razoyo and the PayPal Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Initiative

In the e-commerce world, fierce competition makes survival of the fittest the order of the day so you wouldn’t expect to find much cooperation in the industry. But a good competitor knows when it’s time to join forces with others, for the good of all, because technology innovation moves at such dizzying speeds, it creates challenges that can only be solved through cooperation.

That’s why the PayPal Mobile E-commerce Optimization Initiative came about. Last year, the PayPal team was working on a mobile conversion project that required additional expertise. So, they contacted Razoyo and, with our help, hashed out a pilot program to research the mobile user checkout experience, to help close the gap between mobile and PC conversion.

Through this program Razoyo and other agencies from around the globe, worked together to recruit clients, create and test solutions, and share insights, while PayPal funded the development work and provided leadership.

This resulted in important improvements that PayPal is now sharing with the world. Those new insights were shared at a speaker panel at Magento’s 2018 Imagine Conference, which featured Razoyo’s President, Paul Byrne.

Now, after round two, PayPal is sharing results with mobile merchants, again via a website dedicated to bringing the information to all interested merchants. Razoyo proudly continues to participate in this program and looks forward to expanding the initiative, in 2019.

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