Conversion in Ecommerce - Answering Questions

October 15, 2018 by Paul Byrne

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I just shared some advice on Reddit on ecommerce conversion that I thought our readers might find insightful.

The Question - No Conversion

So I just started a new site about week ago, and have spent over$100 in ads, and marketing, etc. While I’m gaining exposure, I have no conversion rating. How can I improve this? I use kit, and run my own ads on FB, IG, and Twitter. Should I try using a marketing site instead of running my own? Do I need to fix my site so it looks better? I’d love to chat more or PM and discuss to further details.

Advice On Trouble-shooting and Improving Ecommerce Conversion

There can be a lot of reasons you aren’t converting shoppers into buyers. If you have Google Analytics installed, you can start to get a sense of your funnel. You want to figure out where people are leaving:

  1. If people are hitting your home page and going away, you probably have some major issues with trust. Some of those are mentioned in the previous comment (inconsistency in url, the fact that you are using shopify’s domain instead of your own, product selection, women’s sunglasses link in menu takes you to the women’s bracelets, etc.).
  2. If people are clicking through to product categories and leaving, you may have another issue, product selection (they don’t see what they want) or pricing (sticker shock).
  3. If people are clicking through to product pages and not adding to cart, your pages may need enhancement (more photos, better descriptions, confidence-builders).
  4. If people are adding to cart but not checking out, you may have structural issues (browser security warnings are popping up, issues with your payment processor either functionally or trust), your shipping costs may be too high, your sales tax calculations off, etc.

If you really want to diagnose the issue more thoroughly, you should try installing a tool like FullStory so that you can characterize sessions. Then, use HiConversion to A/B test solutions.

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