Channel Advisor Provides Hand Holiday Prep Cheat Sheet

October 24, 2011 by Paul Byrne

It’s always a good idea to prepare for the holiday season, and luckily, Channel Advisor has merchants cover. Though we usually don’t go out of our way to post content from others, we could not pass this up, as it can help merchants during Q4.

While it won’t rock your world, this cheat sheet is a good checklist for merchants preparing their sites for the holiday rush. They will ask you for some info before emailing you the link, but, don’t worry. I know the Channel Advisor folks. They are serious players and will protect your privacy.

We are glad to see Channel Advisor take the initiative on this. There’s not always a lot of helpful tools for merchant during these months, and this cheat sheet can truly put things into perspective. This will be a busy season (Q4 is always hectice), so referencing this sheet can prove to be a helpful tool.

We would like to thank Channel Advisor for providing this service.

For further advice during the holiday craze, don’t hesitate to contact Razoyo. We help our clients throughout the holiday rush every year, so we have the knowledge and experience to get you through your busiest days. Feel free to call or send us an email.

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