Google Checkout is Winding Down - Important Info for Merchants

May 22, 2013 by Paul Byrne

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Google Checkout

While we’re not sure of all the reasons yet for this announcement, it does make a lot of sense. Google Checkout was not widely used and was less capable than established solutions like PayPal, Pay with Amazon, and so forth. This could be due to lack of depth, poor marketing, etc. Regardless, it spells the end for the payment processor.

You can get the full skinny on Google’s Announcement Page, but here are the quick answers:

Is Google offering a replacement product for merchants?

The simple answer is “no.” There will be no alternative after Checkout winds down.

When is this going to be final?

This will officially take place on November 2013.

Does this affect Google Play?

No, but, you will have to use the Google wallet site to access your payments.

When should I stop taking payments from Google Checkout?

Razoyo recommends you do this right away! We can only imagine that accessing account information will become messy after the shut off date. Remember, procrastination is the enemy when it comes to this.

What are the steps to closing my account?

Google provides a guide specifically for this. We recommend you follow these steps after reading this blog.

If you need any assistance during the transition process, do not hesitate to contact Razoyo. Our experienced team will help you through the process and ensure you get desired results.

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