Client Spotlight: Coastal Salt & Soul

July 25, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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Client Spotlight: Coastal Salt & Soul

Coastal Salt & Soul has entrusted Razoyo with the maintenance and modification of their Magento 2 site since April of 2016. The ever-evolving nature of Coastal Salt and Soul’s website makes for a fun and enjoyable partnership. Alisa Beyer’s purpose-driven brand strategy, innovative product merchandising ideas, and careful attention to detail reflects in each development project. We spoke with Colby Caldwell, Coastal’s Senior Director, to get a deeper look into their business.

Coastal Salt & Soul Brand Strategy

Coastal Salt & Soul About the Company

Who are they?

Coastal Salt & Soul creates artisanal bath and body products that naturally nourish the body and feed the soul. We live for the sun-drenched and salt-bleached beauty of the California coastline. Our luscious products are made from precious sea ingredients, sun-warmed herbs and coastal botanicals and are married with mesmerizing, free-spirited scents. Every product comes in an artisanally crafted jar, bottle or candle vessel that captures the joy of faded elegance and whitewashed treasures. Hand-poured. Hand-packaged. California-made.”

Coastal Salt & Soul Products

Coastal Salt & Soul Products

What do they make?

“As a better body company we speak a unique body language. Coastal Salt & Soul products work together to transform your body and soul. You won’t be able to keep your hands off our Heavenly Hand Cream, our Blissful Body Butter is a whipped to perfection jar of joy, our Dreamy Bar Soap turns your shower into a luxurious oasis and our Salted-Honey Body Scrub is a decadent exfoliant that buffs it all away and leaves your skin into dewy perfection. And the Small-Batch Scented Candle is hand-poured into an artisanal stoneware vessel, filling your room and soul with its hypnotic, free-spirited scent.”

Coastal Salt & Soul BOGO Implementation

Coastal Salt & Soul BOGO Implementation

Coastal Salt & Soul Brand Strategy:

They are continually improving the branding of the website from product promotions to social awareness initiatives. Some of our smaller projects include; designing a new sub-navigation bar page and also, implementing a BOGO promotion. Most recently, Razoyo designed the landing page for Coastal’s Lend a Hand initiative. Coastal’s goal was to utilize the space that formerly housed their seasonal promotions and repurpose it to promote partnerships. They wanted to partner with meaningful charities that the team hand-selected. By incorporating the natural flow of their current site design, the Lend a Hand section is  an eye catching statement to raise awareness for Charity: Water. Razoyo’s seamless implementation achieved Coastal’s goals of usability and consistency of design, while [the client is] making a difference in communities around the world.

Lend A Hand, Chaity: Water Page

Coastal Salt & Soul Charity: Water

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