Magento 2 Upgrade and Migration

Steps of Migration


Magento has now announced they are phasing out security support for Magento 1 in June of 2020. Feature enhancement, however, stopped in 2016. Merchants currently using Magento 1 are now faced with the decision of moving to Magento 2 or replatforming. While 2020 may seem like a long time away merchants realize that planning for and executing a site rebuild can take many months.

There are solid reasons to consider hastening the move: better performance, easier catalog management, and enhanced security — to name a few.

Should I Upgrade?

Given the amount of effort required to upgrade, that’s a valid question. Some SaaS platforms have enhanced their offerings to the point smaller merchants may find them more viable. New platforms, like Oro Commerce for B2B merchants, have emerged.

For most merchants, upgrading to Magento 2 will still be the best option, but, now is the time to assess your options.

Set up some time for a quick (and free) chat with Razoyo to help you make your decision.

Migration Zoys


Upgrading to Magento 2, like any ecommerce replatforming, cannot be done by flipping a switch or running an upgrade script. It requires thoughtful planning and making strategic choices. Razoyo recommends a test-evaluate-update-retest process, working stepwise through the various customizations and key features of the store. If you are going the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route, you may want to have Razoyo set up a test environment and do an initial test migration [link to product] for you to help you plan your migration process.

Upgrading Magento Extensions

Because Magento 2 core includes many features that were previously the purview of extensions (like upgraded caching and product videos incorporated in the lightbox to name a few), you may not need all of your extensions. Conversely, some of the extensions you depended on may not be available for Magento 2. Taking it one step further, some extension providers have moved to a SaaS model. Ensuring that the custom features your customers rely on will move to Magento 2 is one of the keys to a successful upgrade.

Opportunities for Improvement

Because you will have to change many things on your site, now may be the time to make those design, functional, and strategic changes you’ve been wanting to do. Test and rethink your user experience. Simplify and focus your content. Clear out old data. All of these can lead to performance enhancements and improve your user experience.

Do it Yourself Zoys


Most merchants will struggle with some parts of the process. Magento 2 introduces some new technologies that even many developers are just getting up to speed on. However, most merchants can also complete many parts of the process, especially the planning part, with little assistance from a developer.

Request our Magento 2 Upgrade Guide For Merchants to start your process. If you decide to move forward and need some help, Razoyo is a phone call away, ready to give you what we’re known for: an honest assessment of your situation and the help you need, not a package of services you don’t.



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