7 User Experience Improvements for Admins in Magento 2

December 12, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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Many things have improved user-experience in the back-end for Magento 2 administrators. If you’re thinking of making the switch from Magento 1 to 2, these improvements will save you time and make using the platform easier. Here are a just a few of the user-friendly updates we’ve noticed while working in the new platform.

1) You can add columns when looking at products in the catalog

Let’s say you want to sort the products you’re viewing by color or another attribute not included in your columns by default. Well, now you can. In Magento 1, the columns you could sort by were static and could not be changed.

magento columns

2) Admins can apply filters when viewing the product catalog

If you have a lot of SKUs with many different colors (or other values), sorting alphabetically will not help you find the color products you want to see. To circumvent this potential problem, you could apply a filter which only shows cobalt items.

magento filters

3) Filters can easily be removed

Rather than clicking on “Filters” to show the pop up and remove filters that way, you can easily remove them by clicking the “x” next to an active filter. This saves time, since it requires less clicks.


4) Users can add videos and images with ease

Administrators can now add videos the same way they would images: directly from the product editing page. Admins don’t have to use a Magento extension to add the videos anymore. This functionality proves useful for products that benefit from tutorial videos.


5) More options exist for the number of products to view per page

When viewing products in the back end, users may now view more than 200 products per page by applying a custom amount.


6) Simple products can be created from configurable product pages

Rather than having to create simple products first and then add them as configurations, admins may now create them straight from the configurable page. This saves admins a significant amount of time when setting up configurable products, like items with multiple sizes and colors.


7) The accordion layout of product editing pages reduces time spent loading pages

Once a product page loads in Magento 2, all the parts for content, images and videos, related products, etc. load as well. In Magento 1, the different parts had to be reached using tabs that would lead to individual pages.


If all the above sounds good to you and you’d like to migrate your website to Magento 2, let us help with our migration services.

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