Elixir Development Done Right

Scalability and speed are second nature to SaaS projects that have Elixir at their core.

Built In Benefits

Elixir is built to scale and be resistant to systematic code failures at all stages of development.


With the use of Elixir at our core, connection failures, delayed response times, and efficiency issues become a thing of the past.

Fan Favorite

Despite being only 9 years old, Elixir ranks as the 4th most loved development language.

Scale Your Business With Ease

Razoyo's Winning Elixir Ecosystem

Razoyo recently helped Kriya RevGen, a data-analytics SaaS platform, reduce hosting costs by 90% while improving site speed and security. They were able to plow those savings into accelerated innovation. How? Applying Razoyo's stack with Elixir at its core.

Lightning Fast Connectivity

Cut Development Cost & Maintenance

Extremely Reliable & Fault Tolerant

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