X10 XMB Inventory Management

Challenge: Multi-platform sales and lack of vendor shipment tracking creates confusion

Home automation equipment dealer X10 found itself with a dilemma: the company was operating its site on Yahoo Stores, a SaaS platform, but it needed a more robust, integrated platform to meet the challenges of running its complex inventory management system. The program they had been using did not track inventory en route from suppliers, and that proved to be quite a headache for a company that sells on multiple platforms and manages a dealer and retailer network. X10 executives knew they could overcome these obstacles by migrating to Magento, but they needed help to ensure that their multiple sales platforms would communicate effectively with the inventory management system in Magento.

Our Solution / Approach

The Razoyo team quickly got to work meeting X10’s inventory and multi-channel challenges, using M2E and Embedded ERP to allow the company’s various sales platforms to communicate with the database managing its factory orders. The new system allowed X10 to access up-to-the-minute information on the quantity of products en route to its distribution center and provided a way to track shipments, so managers were constantly updated on when inventory would arrive. Not only that, but the new system automates much of the reorder process. These fixes allowed X10 to process all orders coming in from its various sales platforms through Magento, which made for a much smoother workflow. To ensure that the system would continue to run well far into the future, Razoyo trained X10 employees to use M2E and Embedded ERP confidently on their own.


Efficient inventory management promotes growth

The new inventory management system gave X10 freedom to focus its energy on growth, rather than on putting out fires created by its former unmanageable system, and measureable benefits grew from that:

  • X10 expanded sales to new marketplaces
  • Company web stores ran more efficiently, and sales improved
  • Staff time needed to manage inventory was dramatically reduced, allowing X10 to execute a long-planned product line expansion
  • On-time delivery and customer satisfaction shot up
  • Embedded ERP provided vital information on the cost and value of X10’s inventory

Our business had grown to a point where we needed to take a more consolidated and professional approach to multi-channel management and resupply. Razoyo customized Magento to meet our company’s needs. They added a responsive design to our web store, removed the old unmanageable inventory system, and created one that gave us the control we needed.

Shane Housemann, Director of Ecommerce

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