Amazon Web Stores Shutting Down

March 19, 2015 by Paul Byrne

Amazon web stores


You have probably heard the news about Amazon shutting down its web store platform. This seems to be the latest in a trend of shuttering SAAS (software as a service) offerings by the giants.

Ebay phased out two platforms, notably ProStores and Magento Go, starting February 1, 2015. Razoyo worked with dozens of merchants to find new homes either at Big Commerce or by upgrading them to a Magento Community or Enterprise Edition store.

While announcements like these can disrupt merchants' businesses, given enough lead time, merchants can take the opportunity to upgrade their presence and improve their businesses. While the ‘if it works don’t fix it’ philosophy makes sense in many cases, online merchants should look for ways to improve the usability and reach of their stores. When a company like eBay or Amazon looks to shut down a service, it usually follows a period of neglect. Our recommendation to Amazon Web Store customers is to start their migration today.

Some of the things merchants will need to consider when moving are:

  • Moving your product catalog and the compatibility of the new platform’s structure to the current one
  • How to move customers
  • Moving transaction records may be difficult or impossible. Plan to conserve the information in a way that helps you manage the transition.
  • Any external plug-ins or API services should be cataloged and checked for availability on the new platform
  • If you are selling on Amazon marketplaces, discuss how you will tie them into your new store
  • Can you get training on the new platform

Give us a shout if you want to talk through your options, especially if you are considering upgrading to Magento.

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