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August 26, 2015 by Paul Byrne

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Magento discontinued the Small Business Program in 2017. Never fear, though, Razoyo is now a Magento Partner, ready to service all your Magento Business Needs. — Updated on 9/29/2020

Original Article

Razoyo joins other top SMB developers as members of the Magento® Small Business Program. You can read the details from the press release on our Media Relations page. [Page no longer availalbe].

What does this mean for merchants?

  1. Razoyo has new, dedicated, fixed-price Magento online store build packages that are designed to help newer and inexperienced merchants better manage the cost of their initial web store development project while getting a feature-rich, secure and SEO-enabled web store based on the latest version of Magento.
  2. Merchants can still get custom builds based on a custom quote, but, the new build packages give merchants a place to start.
  3. Razoyo’s ongoing support, Magento-optimized hosting and other services are all available to merchants who choose one of the new packages.
  4. Razoyo has added and qualified new developers in anticipation of servicing more store builds. We now have four Magento-certified developers on staff and expect two more to qualify before the end of the year.


Q. Will Razoyo continue to offer pre-paid, fixed-price as-needed support?

A. Yes! Razoyo still offers Razoyo On Demand Service Blocks for merchants. You can pre-pay for a set of 5 or more service requests (equal to about 1/2 hour of time) if you prefer.

Q. Does Razoyo offer staging and sandbox Magento sites for its clients?

A. Clients who are on our retainer program (as low as $250/mo), have access to a staging site for approval needs and as many ‘sandbox’ sites for testing extensions and other ideas as required.

Q. Does Razoyo offer service to merchants whose site was developed by another person or company?

A. Yes, in fact most of our clients already had a Magento store when they came to see us, but, had problems such as site speed. We start off the relationship by doing a Technical Site Review and put together a proposal based on your needs and budget for site upgrades and/or ongoing maintenance.

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