Magento Image 2017 is Nearly Here!

March 27, 2017 by Ethan Harmon

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Magento Imagine
Magento Imagine 2017

With each passing day, we grow closer to the biggest, most exciting eCommerce gathering of the year. Yes, we are talking about Magento Imagine 2017! The mega-convention, which will take over the Wynn hotel/casino for three days, has the potential to breathe new energy into the platform, and perhaps the eCommerce world. Every Imagine event has been an exciting look into the future of the platform, seeing glimpses of upcoming changes, additions, etc. Razoyo will be heading to Vegas to take part in the event, and we are excited about several things happening during Imagine, including:


Pre-Imagine, as the name implies, happens before the main event kicks off. Basically, those attending get together and network with one another. It’s a cool and fun way to start things off before the big event kicks into high gear. And, for the first time ever, Razoyo is a sponsor for the event! We have a great working relationship with ShipperHQ (one of the bigger sponsors). They offer an amazing service, and with them being located in Austin, they are essentially our neighbors. When they presented this opportunity to sponsor, we could not pass it up! 


Last year, Magic Johnson stepped in front of the audience and gave an amazing speech about business practices. This year, Serena Williams will be taking the stage, much to the excitement of our office. Along with the appeal of a celebrity appearance, there are a massive amount of speakers and presentations throughout the conference. Want to hear about M2 migration case studies? That’s down the hall. Curious about new search extensions that will improve UX? That starts at 3 PM. Literally, every topic from every Magento-based company will be covered by a professional at some point during the event. The hardest part is choosing which ones to attend!

The Future

Imagine is all about the future. Innovation and new ideas spawn throughout the halls and rooms of the event. While Imagine provides a great platform for learning and experiencing new concepts, we are always excited about potential changes coming to Magento. We do not know what is in store, but finding out is always worth the trip to Vegas.

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