IRCE: Our Expectations

June 5, 2017 by Ethan Harmon

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It is impossible of us to attend every Magento and eCommerce themed convention that pops up throughout the year. Because of this, we at Razoyo pick and choose which events we think would best help us learn new trends and ultimately improve our methods. So, tomorrow, Jason Boslow, our Business Development and New Merchant Concierge, will be attending IRCE, or the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition. The conference, which lasts from June 6-9, will have a massive gathering of industry giants, each sharing their knowledge and insight of the past, present, and future of eCommerce.

Knowledge is Power

This can be said with every event we attend, but our hope remains the same every time we arrive at a convention center: We hope to expand our knowledge on the eCommerce landscape and learn new ways to grow with it. Nothing in eCommerce stays constant, other than it’s always changing. So, we need to understand those changes and adapt. Although our primary focus is Magento, listening to speakers who represent different fields in the eCommerce community will help us better understand how to improve our own business practices and how we approach new builds.

New Year, New Tech

Although we might not utilize every bit of new tech that appears at the show, we still want to make note of new technologies and advancements. Every new innovation can potentially push us down a new path or help us strengthen our practices. Even just seeing the new tech being pushed can give us an idea or a bit of inspiration. And who doesn’t love to come back to the office to show off what was seen at the convention?

Making Friends

The thing we love most about attending events would be networking. IRCE is no different, as we hope to meet new faces, shake hands, and learn more about other companies. Networking is the cornerstone of eCommerce, and IRCE promises to be a wonderful place to meet new and old friends. We are Razoyo love sharing stories, exchanging ideas, learning from experiences, and contributing to this world-wide collective in which we all take part.

See You at the Event

June 6-9 looks to be a wonderful experience and we are very excited to be part of the convention. IRCE will be a first for us, but we to have a great time. Jason is preparing to learn all that he can and shake as many hands as possible, so if you are in attendance, please come say “hi” to him and swap info. He’d love to meet you!

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