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Help Us Get Body Armor to Ukraine's Defenders

Proof Donors Are Saving Lives

If you have been waiting on the fence because you want to be sure your donation makes a difference, maybe this will help you commit.

Our distribution volunteer in Ukraine, who talks to military commanders every day, says vests are shared. Only 1 in 50 soldiers or so has one.

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Two days later (4/19), our vest saved a soldier’s life. His two companions, who did not have vests, died.

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Who are we supporting?

In Ukraine, the entire country has thrown everything they have into repelling the Russian invaders. The volunteers we work with are software developers who, during the day, write code so they can fund the war effort. In the evenings and weekends, they help us distribute equipment to military units that need them most.

Equipment supplied by our donors is in use in combat zones. They move with their military units whom Zelenskyy deploys per Ukraine’s military strategy.

Gallery of Ukrainian Heros

How we get it there

Volunteers at Razoyo procure the items either from neighboring countries or the USA and ship them to logistical support groups in Poland comprised of volunteers from other ecommerce companies or directly to Ukraine. They meet up with our contacts to deliver the items. Thanks to the USPS we can now ship directly to Ukraine in some cases.

There is no overhead. Razoyo is paying transaction costs. In fact, we spend ahead of donations in the hopes of saving lives. Allied companies with equipment and people on the ground in Poland and Ukraine are handling local transportation. The defenders themselves within Ukraine transport the items to the point of need.

What We Have Accomplished So Far

We exceeded our initial goal of $5,000 USD and raised over $9,500. A big “thank you” to all of our donors. Our new goal is to provide 100 armored vests to defenders in Ukraine. This means raising another $35,000. Can you help us?

To date, we have shipped 17 sets of body armor.

Item Goal Actual Status
Night vision thermal imagers 5 ea 5 ea Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests with Level III plating 5 sets 4 sets Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests LIII 2nd group 4 sets Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests LIII 3rd group 2 sets Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests LIII 4rd group 3 sets Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests LIII 4rd group 2 sets Delivered - In Use
Body armor vests - used 2 sets Delivered - In Distribution

We Need More Help

We are committed to supporting Ukraine until the invaders are gone. We are getting smarter: more local sourcing now reduces costs. We have 83 vests to go to make our goal of 100. We have already documented saving one life. Let’s save more. We need your donation to make it happen!

The fight is far from over. Ukrainians continue to die at the hands of Putin’s soldiers and need our help!

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