Magento Imagine 2012 Conference Highlights

April 27, 2012 by Paul Byrne

eCommerce Technology
Magento Imagine

This year Razoyo was fortunate enough to attend Magento Imagine. For those who are unfamiliar, Imagine is a massive event held in Las Vegas that encompasses everything Magento. We understand that not everyone would be able to attend the event, so we wanted to give a list of highlights.  All around, the conference was fantastic. Many thanks to the Magento team for really making things happen this week.

Here’s my top 10 list from the conference:


The M. Nice choice for a venue. We took the place over. It was all Orange, all the time.


QR-code on the back of my shirt. I got over a dozen hits from people scanning the QR code I had on the back of my polo shirt.


Four Seasons presenter - nice job.


Four Season give-away. 7 nights at Bora Bora… lucky guy!


Tim Kring. What an incredible trans-conceptual thinker. Loved his presentation on Conspiracy For Good. Really got me thinking.


Designing for mobile. Very nice overview by a guy who knows his stuff.


Magento CE/Enterprise updates. REST APIs and a lot more. Good thinking.


Lightening round on how to improve conversion. This seminar moved fast. Nice work.


Sneak peek at Magento 2. The visual page design tool looks fantastic!


Networking. Meeting other people in the ecosystem was fantastic. In fact, next year I’ll have to plan on attending the pre-conference events so that I’ll have more time to meet people.

Here’s Magento’s recap.

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