Zoey: The Best eCommerce solution for Small Businesses on a Budget

February 12, 2016 by Paul Byrne

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Zoey: The Best eCommerce solution for Small Businesses on a Budget

Zoey's Intuitive Mobile Editor v2

At Razoyo, our strongest passion, and ultimate goal, is to empower small to medium sized eCommerce merchants and provide them with premium eCommerce solutions. Zoey shares that principle with us. Zoey is an ideal platform for small eCommerce businesses that are looking for a powerful, affordable solution.

Many companies want to start with a small budget, getting the necessary steps started while developing and fleshing out their concepts. Zoey is a great place to start, because it IS Magento. Zoey is powered by Magento as a SaaS. SaaS, or Software as a Service, means Zoey handles the hosting of software and gives its users access to its service via the internet. Affordable monthly plans start at $89 a month. So, when it is time to move to a more flexible Magento implementation - like Community or Enterprise Edition - users will be familiar with how those platforms work, instilled with the knowledge to export products and customers and upload them to the new site.

Zoey makes managing a custom webstore simple, without a coding learning curve. All design fixes, inventory changes, and customer/promotion management are done within its intuitive eCommerce platform. With a simple, new drag and drop design feature, users can edit the site layout without any HTML knowledge.

Zoey's array of design themes

Highlighted Features

1. One-Click Migration:

For existing online stores, such as Shopify, Zoey makes migrating data simple and painless.

2. Drag and Drop Design:

Designing a custom website is easy with Zoey’s drag and drop design feature. This feature allows for pristine layout management.

3. Customizable Responsive Themes:

Zoey comes with free themes that are completely customizable. These are responsive, meaning the site will fit the screen size of any device that accesses it.

4. Pre-Integrated Apps - MailChimp, Ship-station:

App installation is not necessary. It just takes a few clicks and leading Magento apps are ready to go.

5. SEO Friendly URLS are Automatic:

URLs come automatically optimized for search engines. Improved SEO will increase the site’s search rank, leading to more traffic.

Zoey is a phenomenal fit for small businesses. If Zoey is a fit for you follow this link  to read more about their services, pricing, and all of their available features.

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