Decorating Your Online Storefront For the Holidays

November 30, 2015 by Paul Byrne

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Decorating your online storefront

** **Walking down the main street in the crisp winter air taking in all of the decorated businesses during the winter is a sure-fire way to get into the holiday spirit. Everything draped in garland,  multi-colored lights, and snow (if it is one of the rare snowy days in Texas) can put a  smile on even the most curmudgeonly of Scrooge’s face. If decorating a brick and mortar storefront is the tradition during holidays, why not do the same with your online storefront?

Making changes to your storefront’s theme to fit with the holiday feel of the season does not mean your site has to be overly decorated and stray from your existing theme. Want a Santa hat on your logo? Go for it! How about changing some color schemes to red and green? I can hear the reindeer hooves on the rooftop! Some frost lining your navigation bar? Let’s gather round the fireplace and roast some chestnuts!

Why should I implement a holiday theme?

The National Retail Federation conducted a study wherein holiday shoppers said they will conduct 46% of their shopping online. This is a two percent increase from last year. With an increase in the amount of shopping done online, an increased focus on customer experience comes along.

Decorating your site in a holiday theme is just carrying on in the tradition of merchants decorating their storefronts. In a retail world where everything pushes towards an omnichannel experience, connecting the in-store experience to online proves logical. You want your customers to feel the same way that they would if they walked into your store, don’t you? Well, adding festive decor to your website can help reach this goal.

In Action

You may have noticed that our website is looking quite festive itself. We have added a string of lights across the header and footers of our website. Also, we placed a candy cane under headings on our homepage.  These examples show how you can implement simple, unobtrusive, and fun holiday decorations on a website.

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