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October 4, 2016 by Ethan Harmon

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Livv Headphones were shipped to Kickstarter campaign backers on September 13, 2016. Those who donated $150 or more to the campaign were the first to experience these unique, stylish headphones. Paul Bryne, Razoyo’s founder, and the Razoyo team were ecstatic to unbox the pair and try them out. It wasn’t just the sleek design and great features that had the office buzzing (though, it did add to the excitement). The elation stemmed from seeing the final product, knowing that the company and the client accomplished something special.

Razoyo was introduced to Mark Clayton, former wide-receiver for the Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams, quite some time ago. Clayton, a parkour enthusiast, was tired of headphones slipping off his head, out of his ears, and cords getting in the way while free-running. With a concept in mind, Clayton pushed forward with his idea. However, he needed a website for his new venture.

Teaming Up For One Purpose: Success

Through a third-party, he was put in contact with the Magento development firm. After several meetings and discussions, a plan was set in motion to craft a Magento site.

However, as the site build continued, it became clear to Clayton that a Magento site was not what he needed. Much of the focus was being funneled into the Kickstarter campaign, and Magento was just too much to handle at the time. So, instead of abandoning the site altogether, Razoyo began crafting a unique, engaging Wordpress site.

With a polished, complete site and hosting in place, only one thing was needed: a fully-funded, successful Kickstarter campaign. After months of spreading the word on social media - and with a little advice from the Razoyo team - Livv Headphones reached almost double it’s crowdfunding goal. On October 1, 2015, Mark Clayton and his team received the support of 624 backers, allowing them to move onto production !

When looking at a pair of Livv Headphones, we can see the physical representation of our client making their idea become a reality. Razoyo is proud to have helped Livv in its journey to success. We wish our friend and partner, Mark Clayton, further success in the future. We hope those reading will pick up a pair of Livv Headphones. Not our pair, though. We will be too busy using them!

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